The Jones Team
The Jones Team (Bryan Jones & Brenda Jones)

The Jones Team doesn’t stop with buying and selling homes, they also help you with rental properties.  Choosing the right property to lease is not all that different than looking for a home to buy.  Having a seasoned expert that knows the area will save you lots of headaches and give you the best possible fit in the least amount of time.  Many rentals have minimum contract times so it’s vital that you get the right place from the start.  The Jones Team can help you with that.

Leasing is a wonderful option for people who aren’t ready to settle down to all the commitment of home ownership.  Here are 4 good reasons when leasing makes more sense:


Many people don’t settle until their later years and the commitment of a home only ties them down.  Sometimes you don’t want to own a home just because you know  you don’t want to live there long term.  Leasing is the better option.

Financial Constraints

Young professional?  Just starting out?  Have other debt?  Going through life changes?  Home ownership is not something you should entertain until you have the ability to fund a mortgage for extended periods of unemployment.  Financial burdens can cause long lasting legal headaches if allowed to develop.  It’s sometimes better to lease where the commitment is limited to a year or less.

Other Priorities

Sometimes you want to live close to your family.  Sometimes you want to travel.  Sometimes you want to have a different lifestyle that you can’t have with a home in your name.  Leasing gives you this flexibility.


If you’re military, there’s almost no way of staying at one assignment for more than 3 to 4 years.  Owning a home is not always a good option because you just know you will never live there again.  In fact, you’re only there because you were ordered to be there.  Also, military personnel get some advantages in home ownership, but it’s still a distant responsibility when you are re-assigned.  You may not want to put yourself in a situation where you buy a house “site-unseen”.  In these scenarios, short term leasing is a better option.  The Jones Team can always help you from finding a rental property to transitioning into home ownership.