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Get a Loan With Confidence

When you apply for a loan, you are getting a personal screening by Senior Loan Officer Nova Vorhis.  She will make sure that no stone is left unturned.

Why is the Personal Pre-Approval Important?

Loan pre-approvals (or pre-qualifications) aren’t all the same.  The majority of on-line approvals are only basic computerized inspections of your credit history.  Unfortunately, the computer isn’t the actual loan officer.  This means that you can pre-qualify with many on-line pre-approvals but when the time comes to negotiate a loan, you may get bad news because some critical detail about your financial history was not explored.

It happens all the time… you find the home of your dreams, you go to closing, only to find out there’s a problem with financing.  We will not let that happen to you!

Pre-approvals with Nova are different.  Rather than relying on a simple one-size fits all computerized algorithm, every application you start here is personally screened by Nova.  Within about 24 hours, you will know with certainty.

Start your 100% on-line pre-approval now and hear back within 24 hours!

Directions Home Loan The Jones Team