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Planning for Health

Sep 12, 2017
November 19, 2015 By David Goldberg A century after leading the charge to create the system of land use planning and regulation we know today, public health champions are once again deeply engaged in [more]
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Walkable Communities

Sep 12, 2017
November 19, 2015 By Brad Broberg One out of every two adults in the United States lives with a chronic disease. Physical activity can help prevent chronic disease, but half of all adults get too litt [more]
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7 Pricing Myths to Stop Believing If You Eve...

Sep 09, 2017
By Cathie Ericson | Sep 7, 2017 BsWei/iStock Pricing your own home is hard, what with all the history and hopes thi [more]
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My Pet Giraffe

Aug 24, 2017
My pet giraffe is very big.  It has lots of legs and a big neck.  His name is Jeffery. He eats 10 pounds of meat everyday.
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8 Dumb Reasons People Can’t Buy a Home

Jul 15, 2017


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