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Nova Vorhis

Nova Vorhis

Nova Vorhis          NMLS#409761

Directions Home Loan
2915 W Bitters Road Suite #102
San Antonio, TX 78248

Cell: 210-367-8995

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What Can Nova Help You With?

Nova is a licensed Loan Officer and she can help you with all aspects of getting a loan or re-financing.

Why Nova?

  • Honesty, Integrity, and a Passion for helping you with a personal touch.
  • 10+ years of experience.
  • Considerable experience assisting our Military personnel with their unique circumstances, including all aspects of VA loans.

Why Should You Get A Loan With Nova?

  • Nova can personally look over your loan eligibility.
  • This matters because you could be blindsided by other pre-approvals done only by a computer looking at your credit score.  There’s quite a bit that goes into the process and it all requires a human touch.  Nova will personally analyze every aspect of your financial situation to make sure that the little details don’t prevent you from buying your dream house.

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